Saturday, December 23, 2017

Outraging modesty case, MOM's decision

There was a senior member of cabin crew who was fired due to some disciplinary issues. The matter was brought to the MOM. After a lengthy investigation, the company was ordered to pay him a compensation of 170k. He demanded for reinstatement but was unsuccessful.
Therefore, I think in the recent case of the IFM  he would not be reinstated but may receive a goodwill payment (not compensation) of a few thousands. Probably, the company would let him resigned instead of firing him. Also he won't be receiving much because his case was more serious than the one I've explained.


Anonymous said...

The post is a good example of how cabin crew writes.
Its conflating. Its mixed up. Its 2 cases lumped into one.
Its union style of describing things.
Its making a statement like: "13month is your bonus."
Its conflated, its confusing, its unionist speak.

Anonymous said...

Post is well written and the blogger is not a unionist.

Anonymous said...

Probably wont get an A for Linguistic.Historically case of CC who was dismissed due to was appealed all the "to MOM.The board findings was compensated for ",after reinstatement failed.As for the current case,due to the curcumstances,they agreed to goodwill of thousand and allow to resign instead of termination with a smaller amount.Unionist are not phd graduate or otherwise ,just normal CC.So expect bad English etc,neither are they the best communicator.

Adorable Malaysian said...

Merry Christmas everybody and happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

Fight the big and mighty and won $170k. Worth it man.. crew are treated like numbers so I’m not surprised he didn’t get reinstated. Hope to see more of such brave souls not afraid to fight those bureaucrats sitting in office. I salute you.