Saturday, December 16, 2017

Resigned 4 years ago due to .....

 Dear colleagues,It is with mixed feelings that I announce to you that I will be leaving the company with my last day of service in SIA being the 05/10/2013.
It has been a great ride and just a few months short of my 10th year anniversary in SIA.

These 9½ years will forever be a significant period of my life. I am grateful for the life lessons and personal growths that I have undertaken in this company and feel glad to have also experience this company's rapid evolution in the short 9½ years. I enrolled into this company in its best and most golden years when SIA was indisputably at the top of all the airline charts in every survey conceivable. In no time at all, I was impressed by my colleagues and understood what had driven us to the top. It was the impeccable culture, team flying and personal pride of our fellow crews, working like an efficient colony that was churning out happy customers like a candy factory.

 I am proud to have been a part of this culture and take to heart many lessons that have shaped me in this past 9½ years to become who I am today, a great friend to many, good subordinate to some and hopefully, a great leader to more than a few as well!

 I  thank SIA for developing me and giving me the opportunities for self-improvement. I have been a GQ crew and also a Certified Wine Sommelier. I have taken up multiple training courses and benefited much from it. The company also recognizes my effort and deems me worthy to be promoted quite early as well. I am very indeed very thankful.

 I also wish to thank WAG (Wine Appreciation Group), the ECA group that was most formative and informative in my quest for personal progression. The fellow members and advisors whom are all like my family. It is also humbling to be selected for the committee where I was allowed to contribute and hopefully give back and pass it on. Though a short ride, I wish to thank my fellow WAG committee members whom I believe will be continuing the excellent work!!

 Lastly, I also wish to thank all my fellow crew members. We are all fighting the good fight and I am honored to have been with you all at the front lines. Flying is increasingly challenging and ever evolving. I wish to thank my seniors, peers and juniors who have all made a difference at some point or another. I cherish the imparted values by my ex team members, and seniors on many flights. I am also humbled by their faith and trust they gave to me, be it reflected in praises, life lessons, or even eCCDFs and compliments. And also to the people who have worked with me or under me, I appreciate all your validations in my capabilities as a co-worker and also as a leader. In a nutshell, I thank you, my fellow colleagues continuing in this good fight to maintain our airline at No.1!!

Alas, these few years have also been in my personal opinion, a challenging one for all the airline companies. Rising fuel costs and investment outcomes are a factor in every airlines P&L sheets... And all these factors eventually trickle down to affect us all in some way or another, be it shorter COPs, variable allowances, diminishing bonuses each year... But SIA has always remained as one of the best companies to be working for despite these, because of the crew!
 Though not always apparent on all flights, flying for SIA has indeed evolved considerably in this short span of 9½ years. Despite improvements in products and services, the relationship factors have only grown more distant. This I believe is also a headache for our supervisors and management, from IFSs to Ward Leaders and above. It is impossible for them to have a more personal overview of individuals, from junior ranks all the way to supervisors alike. Oversight is increasingly difficult and mostly, it works against us.

So it is with hats down and a salute to you, my fellow crew who is still in the game. We are all still working hard on every flight, full load and all, not just because of monetary gains, but because we do actually take pride!! We do it for our fellow crew slogging beside us!! We do it because we genuinely love what we do!!
I know that some of you may be shocked to hear of and are also wondering of the reason why I have choose to leave the company that I am known for being most loyal to. Some of you who know me may also remember that I had great aspirations to become a IFS some day. The factors stated above have merely made flying more challenging but not impossible. Unfortunately, it seems recently I hit an impasse and also received an undeserving blotch on my service record. I have become a victim to the oversight flaw that I mentioned. This spanner in the works seemed to have thrashed my hopes and initial plans.
Resigning from SIA is one of my biggest regrets but necessary. I have hit a roadblock to be heard or to seek redress for my case. So it is why I have mixed feelings, having to leave the company that I love and yet it is a necessary move for personal progression. It is however just an unfortunate incident and hopefully isolated.

For my fellow crew, I urge you to stop reading here and remember me as your most positive and motivated leading steward, co worker, mentor and friend.
SIA is still a very wonderful place to work in and I would if I have a choice. I hope to meet you once again in the very near future, as a passenger, for SIA will always be the top airline for me and my first choice of air travel!!I bid you Adios and safe landings always!! (Salut and Pröst for my fellow wine drinkers! )

Best Regards;


Anonymous said...

Resigned with so much drama. It seemed he even wrote to sia ceo.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... The LS Philip case ah? :o

Waste 1 minute reading the post said...

Why must write so long?

If want to leave, just leave.

SIA will survive without you.

Singaporeans are such drama kings and queens.

Now we know what uncle BT had to put up with at SIA.

X'mas is here! said...

Please lah!
The organisation is not human.
It identifies you by number!
It relegates your number into bytes and bits to a software that
determines your time to work.

Yes, appreciate the fellow humans who work with you but within'
the system. They too are being treated by software.
The CCE are not software.. they are hardwired to DEAL with you
only in disciplinary purpose.

Lucky you experienced that within 10 years!
Some just go on and on.. and on.. until they actually believe
the organisation is human...

You will be happier.. but it will take about 2-3 years to
be weaned off a diet of fly-sleep-dance-sleep-fly.
Leave the angst, the pain, the sorrow the unrecognised sacrifice.

Relax and look forward towards a new frontier.. ! there is much, much more
beyond the rosters and free breakfast at hotels.

Rejoice! You are liberated!!!

Anonymous said...

This guy is either J Ting or ah peh.

Anonymous said...

Actually why did he resigned huh?

Boh Tong said...

" SIA will survive without you.

Singaporeans are such drama kings and queens.

Now we know what uncle BT had to put up with at SIA".

Haha very true thanks for recognising how difficult
it was to put up with all the nonsense..ya now I am liberated!

Anonymous said...

SQ provides a very narrow view of the world.
Being an employee, you are herded to think and behave
in a certain way.

When it is described as " lives & breathes the work "
it can mean not much exposure to other systems, methodology
or beliefs. This is limiting.

After a few years you begin to get comfortable and lazy and
believe that SQ is the only way. No other ways to consider.

Cannot really SOAR you know. Only one wind... and the wind smelly.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Remarked:Should have joined Complaint Dept,not CC ,then when pax complaints led them round the forest,mulberry bushes etc and in the end a non answer.From point of view of crew its like working to the death no less,depending on the profile of pax.Being meticulos and methodical he should also reveals what major impasse and let us be the judge.Implied CC should lose a fine specimen of a CC,which we doubt in midst of pots and pans plates and juices will be groundbreaking breakthrough that will change the Airline Industry.Nor will any second career be ahead that he can airdrop into whereas IFM and Auditors could have security industry waiting awaiting or packers in some Nutty Supermark or Servers in small diners.For the readers why he resigned is more interesting and whether it is justified and the reader takes side.Otherwise its another Wannabee putting a last sting to CC.

Anonymous said...

What does the link have to do with the post?

Anonymous said...

Force to resign ?What impasse ?More like you drank too much or offloaded ?Insulted the German pax by telling them Nazi joke ?If you are right you dont resign .Of course the redress or oversight works against you,lots of law firm can pro bono since its a 1 way street,might as well fight it and seek reinstatement and damage.Wards system sucks ,helm by seniors for their own selfish interest.Sue them and all !Statue of Limitation is 6 years.Tell us more of your predicament if your are the person mentioned.We will back you if you are 100 right and donate.If you are not you got your own path to blame.If you are doing well now,also write.Show off you can survive.