Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pre-internet practice revisited

Before the advent of the internet (perhaps 25 years ago), the airlines advertised job vacancy through the newspaper. The applicants were asked to submit their resumes etc through the post. After shortlisting the suitable people, the airlines would call them up for a 1 day interview. If all was fine, the successful candidates would be sent for a medical checkup.
Today, with the advent of the internet, SIA has its own career website. Applicants were invited via the website and attend the walk-in interview. After a 2 day interview, the successful ones will be asked to go for a medical and if found to be healthy, the job will be offered.
Also, until recently, applicants were asked to submit a video introducing themselves. If found suitable, they will be invited for the face to face interview. After a few rounds of the interview, successful ones will be asked to go for a medical.
Now, it's somewhat back to the procedures which were practised decades ago. SIA advertised via its website and shortlist those they want to interview. In 1 day, the wannabes will know the outcome of their interviews. No more, at least for now, will there be walk-in or video interview in Singapore.
There is a Hokkien saying something like "LPPL"!

Below is a sample of the invitation to attend the interview.


Anonymous said...

No more interview at hotels save money liao. All done at stc lol

Anonymous said...

Cheap cannot be good
Good cannot be cheap

SQ wants cheap everything including digital things.
Looks very advanced & up to date all these video interviews etc.
but no real working analytics applied... still need a human ( or 2 )
to review, sort and decide, and follow through.

Its always been like this... the core has not change
any change visible is cosmetic.


Anonymous said...

Hi BT! Do you know what are the procedures for the interviews at training centre? I got invited for an interview there too (I applied via the online platform). What would you advise me to wear? Thank you in advance :)

Boh Tong said...

Attend my talks this coming Friday or get a copy of my e guide.

Anonymous said...

The richer your are the more Jew u become. A true way of how Shylock thinks.

Anonymous said...

Pay BT to train you to get the job that pays
4 to 5k a month. Invest $75 for his talks la
don't be so stingy