Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Latest on the outraging modesty case

The final decision is out on the IFM (Inflight Manager) case on alleged outraging of a stewardess's modesty. The IFM has been allowed to resign instead of being sacked and also a payment of 3 months salary. This amounted to about $15,000 which is quite good. Had he work till aged 62 (he was a few months before retiring) he would received a $20,000 gratuity.  In fact, MOM and SIA has been magnanimous in their approach to the IFM.
I heard from one the IFM's golf kakis that the stewardess took vengeance on him for having corrected her on some work issues. Another crew told me that this particular IFM has chided the union for securing the $20,000 gratuity for those IFM who retire at 62. He expected a bigger sum of gratuity. I understand he is an opponent of the current union.
On a separate note, I heard the victim may take a civil suit against the IFM. If it is true, the whole saga is not closed yet. 


Anonymous said...

Didnt nimpeh said so in nimpeh's previous posts that the fss will make a police report and pursue a civil suit if the old bugger refuse to accept the sacking and move on?
Company will be behind her. If nimpeh had a chance to counsel the bugger, nimpeh would have tell him to suck it up and move on instead on keep appealing and went MOM etc? So whats next PMO?

Boh Tong said...

Sian steady is nimpeh lol

Anonymous said...

Nimpeh so what's next? Don't think stewardess can sue because MOM
and SQ have closed the case. IFM allowed to resign means not guilty.

Anonymous said...

If fss is willing, SIA will supply the bullets and nukes to blow the old bugger away. Old bugger is just penny wise pound foolish and wanna try his luck. Perhaps he pushed his luck too far. Allowed to resign doesnot mean he is not guilty. Just a win-win situation hoping he will f off. If raleally not guilty, he will be reinstated liao.

Anonymous said...

The FSS sounds like a spiteful bit@h.

Move on silly!!!!!

Case closed.

It's not like he squeezed her breas+.Snatch pen also cannot. Why put the pen there in the first place? Encouraging men..

Anonymous said...

Civil suit?
Got sugar daddy to finance it?
If win, then what?
How much compensation for pen invasion?
Was there public humiliation?
Was there mental anguish?
How much money can compensate mental anguish?
Whose career was affected?
Whose income was affected?
Whose social standing was affected?

Bravado with words.. the reality is that life is not
so simple as I sue you. Irrational minds.

Tennis champion should enjoy his bedtime, sleep well
and not worry about missing flights or assigning work positions.
Its time to smell the roses and enjoy sunrises.. not inside a crew bus in
darkness or dosing off in taxis.

Live. Enjoy it. Look up your old friends and have a drink & talk cock.

Anonymous said...

Cc off days playing golf ?Acting like a manager ?Brains fried and behaviour not his class.With this characters around can ask me to donate for his defence,which is zilch,rather give to the auntie table cleaner and cardboard collector! Whose faults.CC for promoting these monsters,like Harvey Winstein hollywood,another Siawood ?Should be like another ex Schipper who thinks beyond in SSC case ,lost case and bankrupted.Being named manager on board must have trigger his head to swell,humpty dumpty need reality.Condition on board must be overdone and bad that the Manager loses his mind,time to revert rank to Senior Server,or better Emiritus Server,othewise another similar case.

Anonymous said...

Managers are a dime and dozen in outside world. Everybody outside minimum is executive or manager. Some even call themselves directors woh. Only the frogs in well cc worship small fries like CCE or managers.

Anonymous said...

In the world of cabin crew... the senior clerical officer in charge of your roster
has the ability to make life very miserable for you.
The officer in control also can make life miserable for you.
That means the CCE is next to God.
The manager even better. Not visible but you can sure sense the presence.

Why you think they stay in the job forever?
Free ticket?
Its the God-like qualities!!