Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Retirement extension for chief stewards and inflight managers

In the recent extension of chief steward (cs) and inflight manager (ifm) retirement exercise, 3ifm and 2 cs were successful. By successful I mean, the cs and ifm retirement were extended by another 2 years. These successful cs and ifm are allowed to work till 60 and 62 respectively.
Some of the criteria used for the extension of the retirement are work performances, medical records, health etc.
In all, 1 cs and 1 ifm failed in their application for extension. They will have to leave the company soon. The cs will be paid a sayorana package of $80,000 and the ifm $50,000 plus 1 free yearly travel for themselves and spouses plus 2 discounted tickets on SIA network.


2 years junior steward said...

Why do these old cocks want to work till they drop dead? Enough is enough at 58 and 60 years old. Greed? or boredom if not working?

Anonymous said...

Grasping on to some form of rank, hierarchy.
Retire, sit at home, no one reports to you.
Even a simple report of ' doors closed' or
'cabin ready' also got shiok.
Uber driver also nothing.. worse. clean up vomit
or help with luggage.. etc.

There is no better job alternative for them.
So they will beg, plead and claw to stay on.
Its quiet pathetic.
Of course they try to mask it by saying they believe in a life of service
they have passion, but its all fake.
The interviewer knows it too.

So both parties wayangwayang...

Brutal truth said...

Because once they retire they lose their status and once that's gone, they will be insignificant. Now with their high position they can feel powerful and therefore significant. Once they leave the airline and become nobody, no one will give them a second look. Ask the current crew whether people actually look at them when they're not in uniform and many will say no.You will only realise a person is a steward, pilot or stewardess when they're in uniform because many look unattractive when they're not in uniform.

Who wants to feel like they're nobody?

What's the point of living then?

So you try to stay in the airline for as long you can,so you can give meaning to your otherwise pathetic life.

Retired ifs Eddy & unionist said...

All top comments very true. I am now a nobody and becomes a hawker
selling crap. Crew when see me will siam but when I was there they
licked my balls to get promotion especially people like sexy, bolla
and the lot!

Anonymous said...

Of cos wanna extend la. Klkk cbl 8k a month where to find woh. Reach station just park themselves in rooms and exec lounge.
Quit liao can do what? Uber? Conceirge? Security? Clear food court?
These old leeches even pay them 2k also willing to extend. Known a lot who offered to take a pay cut to be extended

Anonymous said...

at that age they are no longer productive. in flight supervision? it's ok there are so many 'seniors' crew and experienced pps to supervise, doesn't need another few klkk cbl old hags to 'supervise', only know how to talk, abusing rank but empty in the head, telling people off because 'this crew is rude to me and has attitude problem'.

there extension scheme should be solely decided by a reverse appraisal by those who have flown with the ifm in the past 12 months with a slight cut in their IFA, after all, it's an extension and they dont do anything on board anyway.

'IFM has no duty assigned so if you need my help, just voice out', then proceed to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

So yau kui
No wonder the management aloof.
and union bo chap
Got people wilingly offer backside.

Anonymous said...

Wahh the men get to work until they’re 60 but the stewardesses only get to work until 50ish? What a crooked system!

Anonymous said...

Go down eycl pretend die help out. When asked by fss to fix a few adhocs nia will pretend die again siam back to the cmiv and stare at screen or siam back to pcl drink kopi read shit times lo.

Anonymous said...

Please la. I would rather those old buggers stay in their pcl. Come down eycl dont know where is coke or ice or coffee cups. Anyhow collect trays liao just leave on galley or give some dumb instructions like check toilet or overlap when 1st carts haven even finish distribution

Anonymous said...

Looks like so many of you young cocks are talking here and no big no small. When nimpeh fly DC10 or concorde, you not even born. Bear in mind in 40 yrs time, all you young cocks will be begging for extension also and sell yourself as an asset to company etc. Just remember what you say and posted here when you go interview ok?

8 inches said...

The last Anonymous probably suffers from a mid life crisis. His wife probably left him for a younger better looking steward.

Anonymous said...

Idont agree with 8 inches. He is most probably doing much better than a loser like u

Anonymous said...

To 8 inches- i always hear such lines during our makan sessions in 4 seasons or mario in FRA or anywhere else whereby the old buggers talk about their MAS days. So you mean all their wives left them huh? Give them some basic respect. Let them boast. Their days are numbered anyway

Tarzan with loose skin said...

Useless to extend them.
Do nothing concrete or productive. whole life talk about "last time...'
No exceptional skill to share. Just twiddle thumb and throw dice to allocate
work positions for next sector.
Whatever 'experience' they have is outdated for current situations even with
pax relations ( except maybe the really older LPPS who will die anyway )

And they look really ancient with pot bellies and wrinkles.
Nothing personal.. everyone grows old, pot bellied and wrinkly.
but this is front line service. If have to peer through reading glasses
to see boarding card... on first contact, the pax will like... WTF.. can faster please?
CMI lah.
Just retire... enjoy the sunrise each day, wander around Ikea look for kaki... just to pretend not to see... wtf.

Anonymous said...

Yup.Agreed totally.IFA be cut to CS,SQ save tons of cash.Shown dedication by doing so for less ,other KLKK in Ikea,defending Those were the days.On the other hand young turks see no big no small,like George ex Foreignster deserves a smack on the nose.So Auditor get even being strict on checks,then FSS crys and claim harassment.Tit for tats,Tit teaser.Gayee and Lassie the eventual winners due to more time available.30 years of radiation and so on will show itself including kidney stone on mineral water.Eve of Destruction for those who stays too long.By reading ST,154 media reinforce ideas of they are the chosen one.Good luck CC.

Anonymous said...

Many crew in the airline kana brainwashed by crew from neighbour ,
dont have this job will die, in the end the sheep herd syndrome , all scared, beg
no extension end of the world, no promotion end of the world...