Saturday, January 6, 2018

Punished for not keeping her appointment (a repost)

I remember this incident clearly. It was about a stewardess who was unable to keep her appointment with her manager because her pet dog was in labour on the same day. Her reason for failing to turn up wasn't good enough and was punished by being "grounded" for a few months. Although I sympathised with her, I could not empathised with her back then as I did not know the intrinsic value of a pet.
Many years later during my retirement, I started to be attracted to dogs. My first "love" was a puppy called Belle and later Chee Bee, a red toy poodle. A few years later, Belle went missing and Chee Bee passed away. The departure of these 2 pets broke my heart. These incidents reminded me of the case of the stewardess. Now, I am able to empathise with the stewardess and would have done the same by staying and taking care of the pet instead of keeping the appointment with my boss.

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Anonymous said...

The position of CCE & Managers, SVP is that
all crew are thieves, liars and molesters.
This is despite that fact, these thieves, liars and molesters
were selected from interviews by same people.

All crew are also viewed with great suspicion and no quarter must
be given or else, all 7,000 will take advantage.
Discipline is paramount
Obedience is supreme
All other attributes is nice to have.

Your grandma dying?.. last minute izit?
Can believe you but will count as last minute report sick.
Otherwise, 6,999 other crew will do the same for frivolous reasons
such as dog is sick or dying or missing.

Funny right?
A service provider that does not have an appropriate support system
in place. and expect staff to demonstrate empathy towards customers...
I wonder if managers, CCEs, find meaning in the work they do.
What value add do they bring to subordinates?
or they subtract value?

Gangnam style... just whip.