Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Why crew smuggle?

Why would a crew smuggle gold, drugs and contraband etc?
The following may be the reasons:

  • Financial difficulties due to gambling losses, housing and car mortgages etc.
  • To keep up with the Jones or the Ah Bengs.
  • Support families and children's education (many older crew have children studying in overseas universities).
  • Pure greed.
  • Smuggling syndicates reassure that it is safe.
  • and other reasons not mentioned above.
Without a doubt, the crew knows the penalties if caught. They may be fined,jailed and lose their jobs.
The latest case whereby an IFM was caught in Delhi for attempting to smuggle a kilogram of gold was supposed to profit a paltry sum of $500. I won't even do it for a million bucks or would you?

Image: credit to Lewis Malka


Anonymous said...

Boh Tong, why are cabin crew so dumb ? Is it due to your training or the selection ?

Boh Tong said...

Cabin crew are super intelligent but like everywhere else you would
have dumb bad apples. Nothing wrong with the training but selection
is a bit suspect lol.

Anonymous said...

First boob molest.Second smuggling.What is on the mind of IFM.?Sinkie crew commits more crimes than FT etc ?Proportion of FT to local crew fixed,due to their national needs of local language.High requirements,standard of Airlines or caught in money trap,shortage ?Cannot keep up with the joneses ?If such IFM leaders,how to trust their checks/judgements ?Temporary insanity.?My views ,apply for temporary bridging loans etc.Unions to have revolving loans facilities.Happened years back in Nepal,now again.Feel sorry for him,worse place unless they can afford minders to t6ake care in prison.Whoever you are,come out in few years and rebuild,stronger for your family.Regards.

Anonymous said...

Wah crew have children study overseas? They must be well-off in order to afford their children’s foreign education. Which countries do most crews children study in?

Anonymous said...

Why Singaporean crew keep doing this? Drugs, gold, what else? With a high standard of education,you would expect them to behave better.

Anonymous said...

Serving people is boring mah.
Same old shit, regardless 2hr flight or 14 hour flight.
Movies not working
No more beef thai style
No more coke

After rest, still same old shit.

More thrill in trying to game the system.

Anonymous said...

Ask our FT diaspora here in Sinkieland to help etc.Pull strings coated with yellow stuff and update the Ceca etc.Accept the good people ,not Shitolean able to contribute to economy,not suck the economy aka bed bugs.