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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Former leading steward found guilty of rape and sexual assault on a 13 year girl.
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Anonymous said...

Lol. In Malaysia you'd be hard pressed to find a convicted ethnic Chinese sexual offender but in Singapore it seems common.I'd love to say it's something in the water but your water is also from Malaysia.hmmmm

Anonymous said...

the above comment is f*** up.... "LOL" is that all he or she can say? let someone f*** your 13-year old daughter or female relative and we'll wait to see if the offender is Chinese or not.

Also, is the f*** up commenter above from Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Malaysian raped a 12 yrs old in Singapore.... this kind of crime happen in all countries and
comitted by all nationality .

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Chinese in Malaysia are more cautious since they are not the majority but in Singapore the Chinese are less so because they are the majority.