Saturday, February 17, 2018

This ex stewardess still remembers me

For the last 10 years, I've been conducting Talks/Seminars for cabin crew wannabes. I've lost count of the number of  participants, who had through my Talks/Seminars, been successful. A rough estimate would be in the region of 500.
Out of the estimated 500 who had got into the airlines, only a handful still contact me,albeit once or twice a year. This Lunar New Year, only 3 Whatsapp me the New Year greetings.
However, as a great consolation, there is one grateful lady (ex stewardess) who still invite me to her home for the Lunar New Year lunch with her family almost every year. She was a stewardess with SIA many years ago.
I remember interviewing her for the post of a stewardess back in the 1980s. Her's was a borderline case. She was almost not selected by the panel but I argued on her behalf. Finally, the selection panel relented and gave her the job.
During the course of her job, she met a rich passenger who fell in love with her vice versa. They got married before she could even finished her first 5 year contract.
For many years, we have lost contact with each other. She and her husband lived in Europe but in the last decade, they've returned to Singapore.
I had a wonderful lunch with her, her husband and 2 grown up children yesterday. They live in a sprawling bungalow house in the prime district.
I did not snap any photos of them nor the house and even if I did, I will not post them. They treasure their privacy.

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