Thursday, February 1, 2018

SIA cabin crew interview in Singapore

The above is an online interview. Applicants are to submit their applications by 20 Feb 2018. Those shortlisted will be invited for further interviews on 3 March 2018.
My advice is to apply immediately as late applicants may not be shortlisted. I don't think SIA is able to accommodate as many as they did at the walk-in interviews. Unlike Pan Pacific Hotel, STC,  the place the interview will take place on 3 March is smaller and subject applicants to security scrutiny.
Moreover, the interview is conducted only on one day.
Above is my personal view and may not be necessarily correct.

SIA's website is here


Anonymous said...

Hi - I am a 100% Caucasian singaporean citizen. Any chance of the airline accepting me or at least shortlist for interview as cabin crew?

Boh Tong said...

Yes as a Singaporean you are qualified as long as you meet other criteria.