Tuesday, February 20, 2018

SIA to restructure its cabin crew appraisal system

From April, SIA cabin crew will no longer be "penalised" for taking "casual" medical leave. The appraisal system will be "restructured".
Under the current system, each crew is given 10 incentive points per year. Each time a crew takes a "casual" mc, the said crew will lose some of the incentive points. Once 12 mc has been taken, the crew will lose all the 10 points. These points are mainly used for promotion, contract renewals etc.
A "casual" mc is defined as mc for common sicknesses like cold, flu or mc of less than 3 days in a stretch. This is done by the management to discourage crew from taking mc on unpopular flights. If a crew for example, takes mc for fracture, chicken pox, hospitalisation etc the crew will not lose any incentive point.
With the new system, the management must be prepared to tolerate high mc rate on unpopular flights or flight duty that falls on public holidays like Christmas, Chinese New year, Hari Raya etc.
It will be a vicious cycle. Any crew report sick on an unpopular flight will be replaced by his/her own colleague (on standby). Can you imagine, how many crew will be reporting sick on public holidays once the current system (deduction of incentive points) is scrapped?

Note: Unpopular flights are also those which pay "unattractive" allowances like the turnaround flights.


AM Sexy said...

It is very easy to get mc for 1 or 2 days from the doctors. Usually the reason for mc is not because one is sick but to disrupt the roster. Once the roster is disrupted,the cc and be re rostered for other flights. This is the motive of the cc.

Anonymous said...

Most of the stewardesses are SKIVER. Scrapping the current system will only encourage them
to play truant which would inconvenient their own colleagues.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the skiving crew had successfully use the case of the dead sfo crew to negotiate and manipulate the mgt.
So if another crew jump down and died due to debts and claim $ not enough, mgt will increase minimum take home pay to $8k each lo.
Huat ah.

A cabin crew said...

Haha it is good that now sia will change the weightage for promotion,not taking mc as a criteria. The goons in the office does not know that we can FAKE stomach cramp, menses problem and high fever (drink warm water before seeing a doctor and when he takes your temperature from your mouth it will hit a high of 39C so he will issue an mc)to circumvent our unfavourable rosters haha.

Anonymous said...

Best is all choot pattern during cny and xmas till sbcu crew also counter rpt sick n go with minimum crew or cant go at all. Altogther now! Do good do together! Huat ah

Anonymous said...

They must have gotten all these cheat tips from Malaysian FTs!

Anonymous said...

If they open up wallets and give incentive pay during festive periods, a good number will be willing to go to work.
But they are just too stingy and use the stick rather than carrots.

Hope against hope that crew attitude is always pro employer... only
for those who are sitting at desks at STC. Perhaps should assign these
die hards to operate as crew during festive periods.
Since they are soooo pro employer, they should operate the flights for free..
ok, maybe for 2 oranges.

Anonymous said...


Fake MCs too many so SQ must be stricter. Some sold to those working in Singapore.