Saturday, March 10, 2018

At 43 she wanted to be a stewardess with SIA

She was 43 and wanted me to coach her so she could pass the SIA cabin crew interview. I told her SIA will reject her and I do not want her to waste her money by paying me for the lessons. She also tried for the stewardess position with SilkAir.
Below is the extract of her email to me....

I am always keen and interested n passion to become a SIA cabin crew if I am given a chance to do so.

I am a very hard working and diligent woman n I really need your help to prepared and help me to build my confident to go for the interview.

I would appreciate you for an advise and do u think I still need to sign this course or do you think I should give up this as my dreamt job as SIA Cabin Crew.

If I were to be lucky and fortunate to go for an interview without fear of my age and the most important thing is that if I am selected by them to get the job and your kindness will be greatly appreciated in my life.

noted with thanks Mr Luke for your advise and recently I went for the silk air interview but I am not selected but I was out of speech during my introduction in front of the two interviewers with 9 other candidates.

U mean if you don't looked like 43 years old and even if I have the suitably qualified to apply cabin crew job but they will still reject me becos of my age is 43 years .

Thank you for your honest personal opinion and also asking me not to waste my money asking you to coach me.

Can I try and I am thinking not to give up easily whatever we do and I know myself and you maybe thinking that I am very thick skin and if I were to attend the interview and i know alreadly outside there are many people keep laughing at me at this moment and there will be many people a loud laugh at me too.

If I am determined to do it and if I were to succeed with Exceptional cases.

Do u have any special arrangement or other alternatively exceptional cases you think they will looked into my resume first and make an exceptional cases for an interview.

Please do not looked down on me as I am looking forward to work as a career but nothing that all.

thank you for your time and you have a good day mr Luke.


Anonymous said...

I have to hand it to her, she is determine to accomplish her dream to fly. You may have wondered why she didnt pursue it when she was younger, the answer is maybe she had other importance things she needed to do in her life, and put the flying on hold. She may have felt once she gets whats important in her life settled she would peruse her dream.
Deep down she knows chances of her getting in is slim to none, but her faith and will is what giving her the hope she may fly.
Mr Boh Tong, i'd suggest if she cant fly SQ, let her try Scoot, Jetstar or even the Middle East airlines they may take her in even with her age. Dont turn her away let go through the training with you give her the chance, but also be transparent face to face saying SQ is out of the question. After all its her money, do make it worth her while. who knows only God knows.

p.s There will be people here who will post, saying is she mad, is she dreaming etc etc. and they wll be putting her down.
The training with you in her point of view, gives her hope/faith and its is what we all as human beings have in this world to strive.

Peace...Boh Tong

Boh Tong said...

Above Anonymous: I don't want to make her pay me. It will be a waste of money.
Come on we know even Scoot and those airlines you've mentioned won't even give
her a second look, let alone employ her as a stewardess.

Anonymous said...

Don't give anyone false hope.

Must be 35 and below

Anonymous said...

Briefly she need to seek treatment.Such atitude of entitlement need shock like You got Talent show.Try foreign airlines etc.Not young chick but old Hen who wants to be served by her.Charge her higher or sign agreement saying zero chance.Then you post here,you are covered, definitely not look down or whatever.If cannot self reflects,its a danger to all organisations including Airlines.

Anonymous said...

Jetstar has no discrimination against age unlike singaporean companies who want to look good on the outside but in actual fact is rotten totally.
Try Jetstar....they just hired 3 ex SQ retired crew at 62.