Friday, March 9, 2018

Biggest shareholder is interested to know .......

I may be wrong but I heard the latest news regarding the flight delay out of HK  is that the largest shareholder of SIA wants to know the reason/s for the delay and what has SIA done to prevent such delays from occuring again. It is not unusual that the government would intervene once things are grossly wrong. It owns 52% of SIA through its company, Temasek Holding. The delay was 3 hour long and has caused a lot of  embarrassment and inconveniences to the passengers.
The following case which I am going to mention was more serious than a 3 hour delay but it nevertheless illustrate that when things are not right, the government will step in. In the 1980, the SIA pilots resorted to a "work to rule" industrial action. The pilots had asked for a 30% increase in their salaries and meal allowances but the company had refused. The then PM took the pilots union to task and threatened to close the airline if it continued its industrial action. By the end of 1980, the matter was resolved. 


Anonymous said...

Sack the IFM too
save more money, give to shareholder.
No need to think so hard or plan new strategies
Just keep sacking.
So simple HR policy... better than Harvard grad brain.
very ethical, high morals... sure got support...

Anonymous said...

Sack all the IFM. Morale goes up! Profit up!