Thursday, March 1, 2018

Update on crew who got into trouble recently

  • IFM who was alleged to have smuggle gold into India is currently waiting for trail. I was told he is now staying in the crew hotel in Delhi (yet to be verified).
  • The steward who threw an OFO bike into a drain is given 4 demerit points.
  • The crew, who a few days ago delayed the flight ex HKG will be dealt with.
  • The chief steward who allowed his stewardess to off-load wine has been sacked! The stewardess was asked to resigned earlier. The company waived her bond since she co-operated by turning prosecution witness. 😪😥😫


Shareholder said...

Smuggler crew still put up in crew luxury hotel? Should be in lock up or prison. What a joke if the report is correct.

Anonymous said...

The case us still not over.Indian law is innocent until proven guilty.Hotel is the best housing rather than remand or jail.Worse if in jail,he is harmed by other inmatea and dies.Exactly not 1st world standard.So who is responsible ?Dont be a lynch mob with your ignorance.Still holding Sin passport till its over.