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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Who's Paddy Chew ??

Hello Bohtong

You’ve been in SQ for many years. Can share with us what’s the reaction of the management / colleagues on the ground with the Paddy Chew coming out incident? Like to hear what happened if it’s convenient for you to share with your readers.

Thank you.

Boh Tong: Paddy was an ex steward with SIA who died of AIDS in 1999 after a long illness. Paddy flew for 13 years after which he joined Singapore's first drag artiste cabaret in 1993 (Boom Boom Room).
Not much publicity was given to him in cabin crew and therefore not many of us knew about his case. I am quite sure that the gay community in SIA knew about Paddy's case but they chose to hush hush the matter.

You may read more about Paddy here 

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