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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Airline's loss, crew's gain

In this situation (click here) the airline would definitely suffer a loss (financial & reputation). This incident may cost thousands of dollars to the airline but to the crew, it is a "bonus". Let me explain.
Since the crew cannot operate the flight back to Seoul and Singapore, the 2 sets of crew would have to stay back in LAX and Seoul. The airline would have to pay them (meal and overnight allowances which may amount to $200 for each extra night plus hotel accommodation).
It's not nice to say this but the crew will be overjoyed when their  overseas stay is extended.
There was a time I was stuck in SYD for a week due to airport staff strike. We were paid about $200 for each extra day we spent there. Our take home pay for that particular month was almost $1,400 more.

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