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Monday, April 30, 2018

SIA cabin crew union is pissed off with cc management

I heard it through the grapevine that the union is pissed off with the airline for firing the 4 stewardesses over the delay of the HKG/SIN flight (click here).
The union felt that the management has been too harsh in their verdict. So the following may be the actions that the union may adopt towards the management.

  • Suspends all ongoing talks and negotiations with the management.
  • May want the CEO to intervene.
  • May approach the MOM for assistance.
  • May launch a petition to be signed by the union member crew in protest against the sacking of the stewardesses.
The union would only consider other lighter punishment other than dismissal.


Anonymous said...

Alan is just keeping to his record. All his CIs sure result in SACK! At least 2 of the 4 crew could have been saved but Alan is just not smart enough.

At least Tony & team (during their term) saved a good number of CI cases from getting the sack.

Anonymous said...

So heartless!! Wait until you lose your job.What goes around comes around.Sinkie pawn Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

This is my 2 cents say.
The current union is totally pro company and their main objective is to let their representatives get their promotion and also secure better benefits for the senior crew.For example, soon all senior crew males, can extend till 65 for flying.
The current union are least bothered about others welfare or LMA.
U think they wanna save people by fighting with management...
Wake up la goondus .....
Remember flying is just a job and I really recommend the senior crew to take taxi license or do some studies to be reemployqble in other sectors...
Other flying crew..PS upgrade urself and do not commit to condos and cars if u think u will lose all of u lose ur jobs...
Lastly, spend time with ur family well.....nothing is greater than family...
Screw the union screw the job ... love ur family first

Anonymous said...

U do first.

xcrew said...

Flight attendant, waiter, cashiers are not jobs for long term.
There is no advancement. The promotion to leading, chief etc is
not a career advancement. You are still doing what you did as a FSS/FS
Perhaps with a change of attitudes, that is all.

You have no certification that is recognisable internationally.
The pilots have their Commercial Pilots' Licence which is recognised

Do you have IATA certification for ticketing?
Do you have CPR certification that is recognised outside of SQ?

What do you think you can do, if you leave SQ now( even if its one third pay )??

The skill sets learnt in cabin crew is very specific only to SQ's SOPs.
You cannot apply them to Jetstar or Emirates.( but there is a tendency to )

WISET? yeah right. Ask John Chua to get a job for you as a sommelier.
JQ,FQ ?.. yeah right. Join the diplomatic corp to translate?

Courses offered by SQ is very basic and will not provide sufficient knowledge for
you to find employment outside.

Learn to network well
Learn to smile even though your dog died
Learn to kill and smile at the same time
Learn to sell ideas, things and close the deal.
Learn to navigate e commerce

Learn and accept that one day, the job in the airline must end,
or it will be ended for you.

Anonymous said...

No wonder your comment only worth 2 cents.Bodoh!

Anonymous said...

But what those old buggers tell us during PFS is v different leh. They say we are very highly sought after outside. They say we are ambassadors, bartenders, first aiders, FnB experts, chefs etc leh.
They also say those course we attend are recognised leh eg ACTA 1234 and know yourself, know myself those type and how to make salads, soups in SATs etc leh.
They also say we have the best job leg cos no need to bring work home.

Anonymous said...

Old buggers sell koyok lah.
they dont have any liao ( they think they have )
they just hope you dont take picture of them and
send to office.

Anonymous said...

All you waiters equate youself as ambassadors? You people are not even fit to carry laptop for ambassadors. Ambassadors er you all call yourselves.

Anonymous said...

SIA ownself praise ownself

Anonymous said...

Emulate success
Success is being promoted to IA and CCE
Emulate what a CCE look like
Emulate their behaviour
Emulate their style of talking, walking, thinking.
Emulate the SVP

Anonymous said...

A executive (CCE) is big shot in cabin crew? Executives are a dime a dozen in outside private sectors? Emulate them? When you are a nobody dont try to emulate SVP etc. People will say you are swanky or attitude. Same words from different people different ranks have different response.

Anonymous said...

Yes, CCE is very BIG.
Have a closer look at them :)

Anonymous said...

Goodness, who did the Chinese translation? Is really very badly translated.

Boh Tong said...

The translation is done by Google :(

Anonymous said...

我从葡萄藤上听说,工会因为延误HKG / SIN航班(点击这里)而向航空公司发射了4名空姐而被炸死。


Shocking translation, Blogger should remove the translation immediately, the text indicated that 4 stewardesses were been fired by SIA till death. this is not truth.

Blogger should be socially responsible for the translation regardless whether is from a 3rd party or their own translation team.

Seem like the blogger is totally ignorance about Chinese language, unbelievable.

Boh Tong said...

Thanks for the info. Yes, I am not literate in the Chinese language and depended on Google
to do the translation. My apology :(....Think I will remove the Chinese translation and will not use it again.