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Monday, April 2, 2018

New transport rule is not a cost cutting measure but...

At a time like this when the airline is facing fierce competition it is only natural that it will try to reduce cost in order to survive. Taking away the crew late hour transport and compensating each with $46.40 is not that bad. I won't call this a cost cutting exercise because based on 7,000 crew, the airline will spend a whopping $3.89 million annually. Currently, the annual transport bill is a mammoth sum of $23.26 million.
I am not trying to scare the crew but I've heard (hope I am wrong) that flights that just make it pass the 14 hour duty time (eg: Sin/Lon/Sin) may be brought down to just below 14 hours. In the former, the crew is paid 2.5 times the normal ifa or incentive flying allowance but not for the latter.
An ifm or inflight manager's ifa payment is $22 and a steward/stewardess $12.80 per hour. Currently for the Sin/Lon/Sin sectors the ifm is paid $55 ($55 x 28 hours = $1540) and steward/stewardess $32 per hour ( $32 x 28 = $896 ). Once the flight duty time is below 14 hours the ifm will receive $616 and the fs/fss $358.40 for the above mentioned sectors.
How to reduce the duty time to below 14 hours? Well, currently the crew reporting time out of S'pore is 2 hours. What the company can do in future is to reduce it to 1.5 hours. If this happens, then the duty time for the Sin/Lon vv will be around 13.5 hours and consequently the ifa for the crew will not be 2.5 times.

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