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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Uncle fell in love with my stewardess

During our 3 nights layover in Sydney, Australia, Annie a dashing stewardess and I visited my uncle. We decided to pay my uncle a visit because we had nothing much to do during that nightstop.
Uncle was a sailor and had sought asylum in Australia when the 2nd world war broke out.
Uncle and auntie owned a Chinese restaurant in East Hills suburb. It was a fairly small restaurant with only one part time waitress. Uncle was the cook and auntie was the cashier.
I had been to uncle's place only once before. This was my second visit and first time with a cabin crew (Annie).
Annie and I took a train to East Hills. When we arrived, uncle and auntie was at the train station to pick us. Uncle drove us to his restaurant and treated us to a delicious lunch which he had prepared for us. Uncle closed his restaurant earlier on that day so we could visit his house which was about 2 miles away.
It was a beautiful summer evening and uncle, auntie and Annie started to drink. I did not drink alcohol and so settled for soft drinks. Uncle turned on his cassette player, playing all the beautiful slow songs. After an hour, auntie got drunk and went off to bed leaving uncle, Annie and me to continue drinking, singing and dancing. Uncle was a good dancer and so was Annie. They danced almost non stop for a long time, one song after another. Both seemed to be enjoying themselves.
It was close to midnight and I fell asleep but they continued chatting, drinking and dancing.
We got up early the next morning, bade uncle and auntie farewell and left for our hotel.
That night, uncle phoned me and told me he would love to meet Annie again. I conveyed the message to Annie the next day when we were checking out of the hotel. She did not say anything except that she enjoyed uncle's company with a naughty wink in her eyes.
That was the last flight I had with Annie as I heard a month later that she had left the airline. After some investigation, I was told that Annie's contract wasn't renewed as she had "missed" one of her flights. She misread her roster and was punished for that mistake.
When uncle heard about Annie's case, he was shattered.

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