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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Alcoholic crew

Free and cheap access to alcohol plus loneliness may have contributed to some pilots and stewards being alcoholics. A very small percentage of around 1% to 2% of the crew population of 10,000 (pilots & cabin crew) were alcoholics. I am not talking about the occasional social drinkers.
Most alcoholics were male crew. The bad thing was that most of these people were smokers too.
A cabin crew could easily "off-load" liquor from the aircraft bar for free. Some would filled up the 1.5 litre mineral water bottle with a choice of their alcoholic drinks like whisky (most popular), brandy, vodka etc and bring them to their hotels to keep them company during their night-stops.
You may ask me how did they get the liquor free of charge? The answer is simple. All the crew had to do was to write off the amount of alcohol as "consumed" by their passengers...no question asked by the airline.

One steward drank so much that he had to be literary carried down from his hotel room for his flight. Another who had his superior on the same dared not drink but later collapsed on arrival at their destination. He was diagnosed as suffering from ADE ( Alcohol Deprivation Effect). One senior steward was drunk to the extent he didn't realised his wig was worn the wrong way.

A pilot was sacked after another pilot from a foreign airline reported the former for being half drunk while checking out of his hotel for his flight.

Some pilots were nice to the senior stewards who were in charge of the bar so they could have their liquor "canisters" filled up free of charge.

There were crew who not only stole liquor for their consumption but sold them to outstation bars and restaurants for a small profit.

Just like a few girls who shoplifted to pass their time the guys drank like crazy.


Anonymous said...

Drinking on the job is only a yellow card offence? You sure ?

Anonymous said...

He was given a final warning only

Anonymous said...

Privileged elites.

Anonymous said...

Should have been sacked! What type of management does SIA have?
Is it because he is that "tua buck's" friend?

Anonymous said...

nimbu says:

don't worry, nimbu is always waiting for the obituary of those few in the office that break peoples rice bowl , this tua buck ( pork ) & shiok bo included. They think nobody can touch them,
but they forget , there is only 1 judge in this world...

Anonymous said...

Clap clap for nimbu i fully agree with you concerning that tua buck sexy!
His good friends ah roy and edd di are paying for their sins. 1 by 1 sure
tio retribution

Anonymous said...

SexC and friends may appear jolly and well.
They have to keep up the wayang.
Back at home things are not all that great.
Health wise, they pop many pills.

The pain they go through is more sustained.
It will get worse.
For those who have suffered by their hands, you
live much better lives now.