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Saturday, May 12, 2018

 This is a comment from an ex crew:

Flight attendant, waiter, cashiers are not jobs for long term.
There is no advancement. The promotion to leading, chief etc is
not a career advancement. You are still doing what you did as a FSS/FS
Perhaps with a change of attitudes, that is all.

You have no certification that is recognisable internationally.
The pilots have their Commercial Pilots' Licence which is recognised

Do you have IATA certification for ticketing?
Do you have CPR certification that is recognised outside of SQ?

What do you think you can do, if you leave SQ now( even if its one third pay )??

The skill sets learnt in cabin crew is very specific only to SQ's SOPs.
You cannot apply them to Jetstar or Emirates.( but there is a tendency to )

WISET? yeah right. Ask John Chua to get a job for you as a sommelier.
JQ,FQ ?.. yeah right. Join the diplomatic corp to translate?

Courses offered by SQ is very basic and will not provide sufficient knowledge for
you to find employment outside.

Learn to network well
Learn to smile even though your dog died
Learn to kill and smile at the same time
Learn to sell ideas, things and close the deal.
Learn to navigate e commerce

Learn and accept that one day, the job in the airline must end,
or it will be ended for you.


Anonymous said...

Ungrateful dog criticising the hand that used to feed him and his family!

Anonymous said...

Same goes to the other 99% dogs who are always whining about union, no foc transport, work sibeh siong, tpt, cop patterns etc.
Work job just be happy. Buay song just quit. Why lan lan stay on and whine daily?

bitch said...

The dogs had to find their own food.
( change flights with better allowances )
Nobody fed the dogs.

In fact the union helped to poison the dog.
beat the dog, kicked the dog.

And owner and Union laughed & laughed...

Anon said...

He said the truth. Its never meant as a career.