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Monday, May 7, 2018

Exhausting exercises are bad for the crew

Is strenuous exercise bad for your health (I am referring to the crew)? I am not a doctor nor qualified to comment professionally. However, after flying as a crew for 35 years and much observation, I can at least comment a little from a crew's perspective. In my opinion, I think strenuous exercise may be harmful to the crew (click here for more info).
Most crew who had stroke, heart attack, cancer and so forth were the ones who were involved in exhausting exercises. Recently a steward who was a triathlete died of cancer. A rugged footballer crew died of heart attack. A marathoner, two martial art crew had stroke.On the contrary many of the older and retired cabin crew who are not involved in strenuous exercises are still alive and well. Some are in their 70s. Care to comment anyone??


Anonymous said...

Whatever type of excercise, enjoying it is paramount.
Having an enjoyable time and feeling relaxed.
Yes, weight lifting can be enjoyable and relaxed.
So is running 10K, and Wushu.

Feeling tense and unhappy will create issues.
Such as injuries and a negative outlook.

Anonymous said...

To me, one has to go eventually, live life to the fullest and enjoy what you do.
If you like to be active go ahead and enjoy it without living in fear.
But for those few self declared gods, I know they live in fear because everyday
few thousand crew are cursing them.

Anonymous said...

I think having Chinese translations is a good idea! May I just point out that 机组人员 (air-crew) would be a more suitable word in place of 船员 (sea-crew)

Boh Tong said...

Google did the translation from my English text so I am puzzled why they made such mistake. Thanks for the correction.