Tuesday, May 15, 2018

FOC tickets for LS & CS

Leading steward retirement age is now 58. In order to qualify for free tickets on SIA flights he must have worked for 25 years.
In order to qualify for the above, a chief steward  must retire after 55.


The DOG said...

Free ticket is outdated benefit.
Airfares are much cheaper now.

And its not really "free"
These are sub-load tickets, which means only if seats are available
Have to pay GST,TAXes, too and it appears in your income tax data.

That means going to the airport and wait till all
fare paying pax have been checked in.

After working for 30+ years, you go through the insecurities of not being
able to get on a flight?
What about hotel bookings?
What about tour bookings?

Unless its just point A to B and on either end you have
free accomodation and free transfers from airport.

In retirement, uncertainties is not welcomed.
I rather pay for my own ticket and get commercial treatments and rights.

To the ungrateful DOG said...

Free tickets are better than nothing. Complain,complain and whine like a DOG!

Anonymous said...

Take sub load still must see face of those lj crew. No shit times, lan lan. No main course, lan lan. Want you to change seat cos other pax cmiv down, lan lan change.
Basically just gwai gwai sit there and mai kao peh la.
I remember a fss spilled red wine on me and pax behind. Cb cs went apologise to the other pax and give srv. Ignore me totally. I even have to ask for servittes to clean the spillage

Dog#2 said...

PAP make you wait to withdraw CPF
Nevermind lah... still eventually get also right?
Better than not allowing you to withdraw right?
stupid yau-kwee free ticket kow-tow staff.
Sack you first, then reinstate you better right?

Anonymous said...

Ex SIN its not so bad.
If no seat, can just take GRAB and go home.

Ex other stations can get high anxiety.
Suay-suay got AOG or other airline cock up,
they transfer to SQ... you kenna balek to hotel,
or wait at airport for next flight.
That is provided that station has multiple flights

After retirement, 4x a year, blood pressure remains high...
and the company offers that experience for "free".
Ha! Ha! ha!..

Anonymous said...

I retired 9 years ago. Only used FOC ticket only once, for my wife. When I travelled to nearby places, I always use a budget airline - firm, not standby and no stress. I want to enjoy my holidays. I don't like to be made to run to the gate.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that the retirees of SQ do not appreciate the free tickets offered to them.
They have to understand that as retired staff they have to make way for revenue passengers. Moreover when one is a retiree one can travel during off peak period where there are seats available. Come on don't be so spoilt and unappreciative.

Anonymous said...

What is call off peak? Off peak period also got pax on promo packages. Also got crew n retirees travelling.

Senior 38yrs said...

If you travel alone, it is usually no problem.
But in twilight years, travelling alone is very lonely.
Traveling off peak makes it even worse.
Who wants to visit LON/CDG/JFK in Dec or Jan??
Carrying all those winter clothes, taking train from
airport into town...?

Buy a ticket via Doha or DXB and get treated like a 'normal' pax
with 'normal' rights. I hold my head up and no need to feel indebted.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why John Chua trains 100m sprints...

Anonymous said...

hmmm leading steward retirement age is 58. must have 25 years of service. means cut-off age to get into SQ is 32- 33?

WISE DOG! said...

Anonymous said...
hmmm leading steward retirement age is 58. must have 25 years of service. means cut-off age to get into SQ is 32- 33?

The steward must be promoted to leading steward rank by 33 years old to qualify for the free tickets for life (worked as LS for at least 25 years)

Anonymous said...

LS retirement is still 45. Anything beyond that is extension. This is only for male crew on tenure.
Male crew on contract will follow contract guidelines.
So any male crew that achieved retirement age for their respective rank and completed 25 years of service (both conditions must fulfill) will be entitled to their free ticket for life.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that I am reading this after what I went through recently.
I am married to FS. I used my SubLoad to travel from MEL-->SIN-->CDG-->SIN-->MEL. I was able to get MEL-->SIN but SIN-->CDG was booked and was sent back. With my partner on SIN-->CDG, I had no other option but to book a hotel in SIN and go back to MEL the following day.

Just want know, if onboard steward/stewardess will know that I am a spouse travelling on Staff-travel and then subload as well ?