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Monday, May 28, 2018

Gold smuggling by crew in the 1980s

At one time,the duty on precious metal like gold was incredibly high in places like Indonesia, South Korea, Nepal and India and some other countries. I don't know about now,maybe the duty has come down in those countries.
There were at least a dozen crew getting caught in the abovenamed countries, when they unsuccessfully tried to smuggle gold bars.
As far as I know, one crew was caught in Seoul,three in Indonesia, 2 in India, 2 in Nepal and a few in other places. Perhaps, a hundred cases went unnoticed by the authorities. These were in the 1980s.
There was a SIA stewardess caught in Nepal together with a steward.They were on the same flight and not knowing that each was smuggling gold bars into Kathmandu. The girl was a pro and she probably would have escaped detection on her last 3 Kathmandu flights.
For Jimmy, it was his first attempt at smuggling gold into Kathmandu. On approaching the customs at Kathmandu airport, Jimmy was shaking all over and this led him to being searched and arrested at the airport. It was unfortunate for Pearl because all the crew were detained and searched. Pearl was also arrested.
The prison was filthier than the streets of Nepal. Pearl and Jimmy could hardly survived under those conditions. They were there for a couple of weeks until their court cases.
Do or die the families of the arrested crew raised a total sum of about S$400,000 to pay for their fines and release. In the 1980s, 400k could have bought them 2 terrace houses or a bungalow in Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

Even now there are crew smuggling gold into India where it is a precious and expensive