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Thursday, May 24, 2018

WML on alleged drunkenness

A Ward Mega Leader Timothy Wong (not his real name) has been charged with drunkenness on a flight. It is not true he molested his two stewardesses as the WhatsApp message has been circulating around.
Drinking during flight is not an uncommon thing among the crew but getting drunk is rare.
If found guilty, Tim will be given a "yellow card" and if commits another disciplinary lapse, he will be "sent off " like in a soccer match.
WML is a management staff and the IFM/IA reports to him or her.


Anonymous said...

IA drunk on board? Why is IA allowed to consume alcoholic drinks during work?

Anonymous said...

He has the keys to the bar ma lol

Anonymous said...

nimpeh says...

by the way its not IA, its one level higher than IA which is the
WML caught drunk onboard, nimpeh want to see these self declared gods at STC how they going to handle this case

Anonymous said...

He will be an outcast.
All in STC will shy away from him.
He will experience being isolated, no friends.
This is the culture of CC and SQ at large.
Better to resign and be Cycle & Carriage salesman.
with no human that will report & kowtow to him.

Anonymous said...

nimpeh want to ask Mr Bohtong opinion which is more serious.
Crew post uniform photo on social media kana ask to leave.
While getting drunk onboard on offical work duty is yellow card..
since he is intoxicated, isnt this will affect his judegment for his auditing ?
same as policeman come and catch drunk drivers, but he himself is drunk lol...
Very funny leh...which is more serious offence?
no wonder they are self declared gods, different set of rules.

Bohtong said...

Nimpeh, I think drinking on board is beli serious let alone getting drunk!
Maybe nowadays, coy beli short of WML and so be chin chye a bit lor.

Anonymous said...

Oi fake nimpeh. Nimpeh is the original nimpeh ok. If you like the name so much, nimpeh let you use 'limpeh'. Dont tarnish nimpeh's postings.

Anonymous said...

double standard af, if a blue colour caught drinking on board, imagine what will happen.

hail almighty double standard office scrubs