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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Male cabin crew from HK

For a long time, SIA has been recruiting young men from Malaysia as flight stewards but now it is inviting male Hong Kongers to be stewards.
Are we short of Singaporean males? Perhaps, they are busy training to defend Singapore (in the army) and the steward positions are left to the foreigners. Or could it be that our young men do not make good service providers?
There was a time when the airline wanted to employ stewards from Japan and India but scrapped the idea at the last minute.
What do you all think?


Anonymous said...

Last time maybe people join cos air travel is not common n they perceive as glamorous.
Now air travel is cheap and locals more educated. Why would anybody wanna serve instead of being served?
Anyone with a sense of dignity wont want a waiter job if he have other options.

Anonymous said...

Laid back people like this job.
No need to go for meetings or crack their
heads for new ideas to meet demanding KPIs.
Just report for work, prepare work area, wait for
customers, seat them, serve them, rest, prepare for arrival,
say bye-bye, close shop, go home.
No paper work.

Next day, repeat.
Keep quiet, dont argue, smile, and in time will be promoted.
Stay in nice hotels, clean sheets, clean bath towels, free movies
get to dine in famous cities, free wi-fi, cheap beer, cheap cigarettes.

Get to shop high end leather goods, get tax free, escape humidity in SIN
Repeat all this again & again for 20 years or more.

Its a job for lazy people with low ambitions except to get promoted to next level
but doing the same job basically.

why not??

Anonymous said...

To summarise yr long story- eng eng cheng cheng, klkk cho bo lan 8k a mth. Y not?

Anonymous said...

8k a month? i can barely get 4k a month and this job has no progression and no skill set you can add onto your resume

Anonymous said...

because foreign boys looks better than singaporeans?

hosay liow said...

who cares?
still can afford decent hdb and even condo with car too.
99.9% of retired crew live comfortably
no need to upgrade skill, just drive phv to run away from
home, family, just like before.

Anonymous said...

SIA should promote local boys and jobs for the locals. SG government needs to review companies employing foreigners and imposes stricter policy. This also addresses the imbalance in wealth. Companies wealthier, locals suffer. More foreigners more houses rising prices.