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Friday, May 18, 2018

Merger of MI and SQ

SilkAir (MI) and SIA will merge after a major cabin revamp starting 2020. Some people have asked me what's going to happen to it's cabin crew. Will MI cabin crew be wearing the SIA crew uniform and flying the SIA routes etc?
I do not have any further news on this latest development. However, as far as the cabin crew is concerned I can only speculate.
After merger, there may be 2 categories of crew, the regional crew and the international crew. If you may recall, some years ago, SIA had dedicated crew for both regional and international routes. The most junior crew were rostered on the regional routes and the senior ones on the international sectors. Likewise, post 2020 ex-MI crew may be rostered on the regional routes. Once they achieve some form of seniority, they may be upgraded to the international routes.
I think the salaries of the MI crew will be adjusted to that of the SIA crew.


Anonymous said...

A320 only need 4 crews to operate, who is going to be the IFM Chief and leading? from the current MI pool or SQ pool?

Anonymous said...

It may have 1 LS and 3 other non ranking crew.

Anonymous said...

Place all our questions on hold until further notice. For now, be thankful that you are gainfully employed. I personally feel that the Company is doing the right thing by announcing this merger. In doing so, SIA is poised to scale greater heights and is poised to tumble with the giants again. In this exercise, no staff will be retrenched.