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Friday, May 11, 2018

SIA cabin crew interviews

Just recently, there were interviews in SG and MY and this coming Saturday another one will be held in SG followed by one in KUL.
The impression is that SIA has too many cabin crew and wanted to trim down the number. On the contrary, it is recruiting like crazy. Wonder what are the reasons behind these back to back interviews.
Could it be due to many crew resigning or the miscalculation of flight schedules or a sudden rush to put more flights?
Anyway, this augurs well for the crew wannabes from SG and MY.
SIA's recruitment website is here


Anonymous said...

SQ recruiting from Hong Kong now, both steward and stewardess.

nainaiis said...

I just got the job 2 weeks ago however i will do my medical test in july as i will be available after Sept.
I just found out this blog this week.