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Friday, May 4, 2018

Working too hard?

A chief steward (name not mentioned due to privacy concern) fainted on Flight 226 arriving into SG yesterday. Was warded at TTSH for observation. He is able to talk and awaiting for MRI this morning.
Will update....

5/52018 update:
C/S is fine and is able to talk rationally. He would like to thank all who showed concern. He is still under observation and would like to rest. Kindly refrain from visiting him at the moment.


Anonymous said...

So what is union and screw going kp and fight for this time using this case? Longer stay outstation? Crew rest 2h onboard? Cs to sit down and read shit times only? Higher medical claims? Limousine to and fro to work? Cater double boiled tonic soup for crew onboard? Implement 1 meal svc only?

Anonymous said...

Klkk cbl, sit at crew seat, pretend stare at cmiv, take 2h write simple VR is call work very hard ah? Find JCL and PCL (no EY hor) food eat, after service eat, before landing eat and ta pao into stations like moscow or cairo etc is call work very hard ah?
Walk around singapore and observe around you. There are thousands more working very hard than all the crew.

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew are grossly underworked and overpaid for what they are doing. The total number of hours they work in a month is probably about one third the hours a worker works a month in Singapore. Most likely crew collapsed due to unhealthy habits and food. Not so much due to ' hard work' which they love to think of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Union not talking remember?
Lots of people very free... take a look at all the malls
and food courts. Lots of people just wandering around
MRT is always crowded even at 3pm, 4pm.

Crew's work is never understood.
Its arms & legs for PPS.
Pax see SQ uniform and knees go weak and loss of muscle strength
to carry even a pillow.
Crew's work is to take the shit, complaints and get sacked
for management's failures.

You want the job? Not so easy ok.
They pick and choose.
Only the ghoondus get in.

Anonymous said...

bunch of