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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How to be the best trainee

One of my cabin crew seminar participants who was selected by Singapore Airlines (SIA) to be a trainee stewardess asked me what she must do to clinch the "Best Trainee Award".
My answer is as follow:

  • Be nice to your instructors
  • Gain the respect of your batch mates
  • Be exemplary in conduct
  • Do well in your exams
  • Above all, be likable


Going the extra mile said...

And be willing to sleep with the seniors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bohtong

Are there any special privileges for becoming the best trainee? :D

Boh Tong said...

No special privileges but receive a prize on graduation day
and have your name inscribed in the Best Trainee List.

Worst employee said...

The benchmarks that the employer creates is seldom related
to the customers' expectations.

Being the best trainee is exactly what it says: "trainee"
Not the best crew
Not the best provider of service

Create your own benchmark and
Adopt new ones as you progress through life.


Being awarded "Best Trainee" may satisfy your ego.
Showing the "Best Trainee" award to your
next employer means nothing.

Test it.

Anonymous said...

Lets be real.Best trainee is evaluations by trainer.Full fledge crews operating under IFM and other Ranks not based on standards that is infallable and clear cut.Different appraising crews at different phrases and stages of duty on board to paxs could be interpreted as many as the sizes of the hands,all different yet connected to one body.The Judas 8 happens when the teams were stressed to find a scapegoat for an incidents,or loses out in certain ways.Misbehaving IFM and others reported previously shows cracks in the whole systems of appraisal.Death and injuries can progress in such cases directly or indirectly attributed.Dont let Best Trainees get into your head,it cannot win any brownnies point not feed your family nor put into ceepeef.At the end of the contract,overuses parts of the manual services can be seen,including rough skins,hands ,face and internal systems.In short you get the occupational hazards on you.In IT or Skills related jobs one can progress upwards but giving trays in out,cleaning toilets to the highest and Sop of Service cannot be use outside.One cannot survival with such 'skills' not be rich.

Anonymous said...

What is the abuse rate among trainees?

Anonymous said...

These days no senior crew dare to abuse the trainees or junior crew because they have
the bosses' email addresses.