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Friday, June 15, 2018

No more gold plated teaspoons for the crew

Oh my gosh! I heard the cabin crew has recently been accommodated at the Grand Prince Takanawa Hotel again. We pilfered their gold plated tea spoons and tea sets from the room when we were staying there in the 1980s. We were "kicked" out and later went to Hilton Shinjuku.
Well, we were nicked named Ali Baba and his thieves by the Takanawa staff back then. However, that generation of Ali Baba and company has left the airline except for a few who are presently IFMs and AMs.
I hope the current crew do not steal things from the hotel like their predecessors did. Anyway, I heard the hotel does not provide gold plated teaspoons anymore.

Below is a comment left by an ex-stewardess:

Lian said...
I remember the melon juice! Haha...and how we are called Ali Baba and 40 thieves! So embarrassing but so true. Once I witnessed this well dressed stewardess who started her Ali Baba operation after 11pm. She would look out for room service trays left outside the rooms and steal the crockery. She covered all the floors, good exercise for her:-) Never mind they're dirty, she can always wash them in her room. She told me by doing this way, she had accumulated a complete dinner set. She even asked me to join in her modus operandi! She had, of course a big and sturdy Ali Baba bag with her.


Anonymous said...

Haha Lian it is really so funny. She is probably a karang guni now.

Anonymous said...

Uncle, crew stayed in this hotel until the 1990s.
Many are still actively flying. Don’t remember about the gold plated cutlery.

Boh Tong said...

You are probably right they stayed until the 1990s.
Stealing of gold plated teaspoons was true. I didn't
make it up.

Non elitist said...

SIA crew don't deserve anything good.

Just look at the latest controversy.

A recent flight from Singapore to Kolkata was delayed by almost three hours!

In a Facebook post, Chandni Doulatramani, who was on the plane, claims that cabin crew were rude to passengers who had asked why the flight was delayed, the Straits Times reported.

The Singapore daily quoted her as saying, “When we confronted the cabin crew, they had no answers, rudely shut us up, threatened to call the cops to arrest us, and said ‘We are in the same situation as you are, don’t ask us, we don’t know anything’.”

One suspects that had it been a flight to Europe or North America where there were mostly ang moh passengers, the crew would've been more polite.

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