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Monday, July 30, 2018

A lovely email from an ex-stewardess

I just wanted to say Hi and give you a shout-out. Not sure if you remember me. Flew with you quite a number of times, and, my husband (then boyfriend) and I were in your ward. In fact, it was because of you we got to fly together even before we were married.  
I recently (don’t know why I didn’t discover it earlier) came across your blog and have enjoyed reminiscing flying days through it. I left the airlines after my first contract to start a business and my husband left in the early ‘90s. Despite some inevitable bad experiences, personally, I enjoyed the ride with SQ! I was lucky as I met more nice crew (like yourself!)  than nasty ones.

From your blog, I was sad to see that so much has changed. Cabin crew sure isn’t like anything I remember it to be. The camaraderie we used to have seems to be lost! I remember partying, touring, chatting in crew rooms and just doing fun and crazy stuff together. Flying in those days was great albeit the occasional zapping and the handful of nasties. We juniors survived, didn’t we? In fact, we more than survived, we learned a lot from our seniors. I think quality of service  provided by cc then was much better than what I have experienced onboard as a passenger nowadays. Am I being bias?

 Anyways, I just felt compelled to thank you for the journey down memory lane. Haven’t kept in touch with many cc due to work. Well, hope we’ll have a chance to meet up some day. Hope to hear from you. Till then, stay cool and blog on.

Kind Regards,

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saintly jennifer oh said...

read only the good stuff...
sugary sweet, positive, plenty of rainbows
everyone is kind, courteous, polite and respectful
charitable, supportive, ahhhh...
just like all the management staff.