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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


The union in the next collective agreement will be negotiating for an additional contract of 5 years for the above crew.

In addition, the union will be asking the company to re-employ the crew on tenure (male crew who joined before 25 August 2004) beyond the current retirement age of 62.


Anonymous said...

more klkkzbl to stay useless in the company.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the lady called, Lim Suet Kwee? She’s not an IFSS anymore right? What is her role in SQ?

Anonymous said...

Ifm-power crazy and abuser of juniors or got into troubles world wide.Promo-uneven and sacrifice off days etc.Good for Gayee and Lassie.Become a dummy then to AM while other have to slog ,unhappy family life etc.Join at your own risk,collection of low SES where no one look as role model,until they change.

Anonymous said...

What’s the duty of CS/CSS? Aren’t they like IFM and not doing much? Never see them serve.

Anonymous said...

Who’s the power crazy ifm lah? The Assistant manger above?

Anonymous said...

Under local laws, an employee is entitled to
overtime pay when two criteria are met:

- First, he must not be employed in a managerial or executive position.
- Second, his basic pay must be S$4,500 or less if he is a workman
or S$2,500 or less if he is a non-workman.

If the employee is statutorily entitled to overtime pay, the rate payable
must be at least 1.5 times his hourly basic rate of pay if the overtime work
is required by the employer.
Additionally, overtime payment cannot be substituted with time off.

Boh Tong said...

Ms Lim Suet Kwee is now the Head of Crew Performance.

Anonymous said...

Do trainers treat trainees like secondary school students? Are they very strict?