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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Don't be a crew if you are a weakling

Today there are 2 SIA cabin crew interviews going on simultaneously, 1 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the other one in Singapore. I bet there will be hundreds if not thousands queueing for the job.
The starting salary of a newly trained steward or stewardess is between S$4,500 and $5,000 per month (according to its website here). Besides the attractive salary there are other perks like free medical, free dental, free travel etc. The good news is if you have a GCE O level with 5 credits including English, a minimum height of 158 cm for the ladies,165 cm for the gentlemen, you are qualified to apply. Like most occupations, being a cabin crew is not a "walk in the park". If you ask me it is more like a "walk in the jungle".
At times, you have to handle nasty and difficult passengers as well as your seniors. As for the management staff, they won't bother you as long as there are no complaint from the passengers or your senior colleagues. If you can't take the pressure, you should not apply for the job like this stewardess. Fortunately for SIA, 8,500 of its flight attendants are rugged people with good EQ who can weather the "storms" and make a good living.


Anonymous said...

Exchange rate favours Malaysian.But entrenched Ao,Am, etc are from the rank therefore cheaper than degree holders management.To adept to services Sop requires more than EQ a complete rethink of what Crews can do from take off to landing.Easier job for supervisors and harder for the rest non supervisor.Rugged ?More like deep working of actions to cover so called service failures.Escape clause like saying Sorry for all mistakes or perceived so that crew performance can close incidents.Feeling responsible for errors and as body for blame.Rights or wrong does not apply rigidly and of course customers always right.Makes commercial sense by not good for own psychological and supress your expression even though its frustrating.Expect not qualified people to say something like Mac wont employ etc.No apologise and at your levels no recourse.Of course can pursue for defamation by too long and far,not that it cant,one previous case of angry father of FSS shows legal papers.The money is good,and more storms and hurricane and worse by Mini Caesars and their empires.If can handle go or else dont come and rant here.

Anonymous said...

Actually, one needs to be a weakling otherwise
you cannot accept the dominance of pax or seniors.
and also allow yourself to be captivated by ifa (2.5X)
and access to hotel executive lounges for free food.
such low life.. no difference with j class pax.