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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Raped after drinking session?

I have been tipped off that a steward after a drinking session in a hotel room in Europe allegedly raped his female colleague. I was told the alleged rape took place after the IFM who was also drinking left the room.
Let's wait for confirmation.


Anonymous said...

Depends on the evidence.Other places happened in UAE,found video of happy victim.Assent could be voice if recorded before act in the least.Unless FSS had previous lovers concurrently is a defense.Otherwise IFM left because of too hot and drunk make bad decision to regret later.Sometimes can negotiate a payment for jobs.

Anonymous said...

Rape, molest, sexual harassment... easy to accuse.
Raunchy jokes, bananas,.. all easy targets.
Cannot even look for fear of appearing chee-kor
Better join monastery or convent.

One criteria for applicants is to provide evidence of celibacy,
or impotence.

The line between being sexual and being genuinely and sincerely attracted is very thin
and blur at the edges. Have to use Shakespeare's era language:
Bossom is ok, breast and tek-tek cannot.

Anonymous said...

Singaporean men are just too horny.

Mr Knows All said...

The steward has resigned rather than facing a disciplinary inquiry