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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Singhealth hacked: Hackers stole 1.5 million ....

My dear readers what do you make of the above WhatsApp message?


Anonymous said...

Hackers also stole yours comments on the Ranting Singapore Girl ?
What happens ?All dissappear ? Worse case of hacking on this Blog ever !Will you ever got back the identity as fearless commentators or lost a ball or two and not refers to World Cup.Now fawning and telling resign if cannot take heat etc,so many in que.Then got terminated after a while.Cannot handle the truth but need someone to tell ?Putting some silly news about being pwn.We were pwn long time ago but you did not know ?

Anonymous said...

Ya where have all he comments gone to? What is pwn ah?

SQ=SQ forever said...

Once an AoTc... always will be.
The allegiance is forever, bcos
everything in his life is becos of SQ.
From home to car to travel to wife to worldly items,
its all bcos of SQ.

Anyway, income is from blog about being a crew.
Take that away, web traffic drops to zero.
The smell of SQ permeates through the veins, and shit too.

Anonymous said...

Wiki-owned by,defeated badly as in gaming lost to superior players.