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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Another dangerous place is .....

Some may still remember the 2 cabin crew who were almost robbed and killed in LAX. One was a cs and the other an ifs. They were waiting to cross the road when a robber, armed with a revolver tried to rob them. The ifs was wearing a Rolex watch. He had in his pocket a few thousand dollars which he was going to pay for his children's school fees in Canada.
Before the would be robber could do anything, the 2 crew swung into action. They both, in a split of a second, dashed across the road in separate directions. This took the robber by surprise and it was a few seconds later before he realised his would be victims had fled. The robber took aim and fired at them but they were gone. It was indeed a miracle that the 2 crew were unharmed.


Anonymous said...

Why dont spring into action and chrome the fucker instead? Why run?

Anonymous said...

You up there easier said huh? Chrome the robber who had a gun? Crazy and
dangerous idea!