Thursday, August 9, 2018

Does bonding among crew still exists?

Bob tong, could u talk more about jr and senior crews in the present days? Like their interaction and bonding?

The above is a question by a reader of this blog.


The current junior as well as the senior crew are under tremendous work pressure
as compared to their peers of my era. They are having shorter nightstops due to the frequencies of their flights as well as the company's cost cutting measure. As a result, this leads to working longer hours and less off-days. Money wise, it is as good as the old days.
These days with the ease of contacts (via email, sms, Whatsapp etc) and the listening ears of the management, the junior crew are more confident of not
getting bullied or abused by their seniors.
Interaction/bonding? Almost non-existent. Reasons are:

  • Crew now has social media/smart phones which keep them busy overseas.
  • Used to be rostered and flying in teams or wards whereby the crew would get to know each other better. The company has done away with it and now crew are being rostered to fly with people they hardly know. This concept is unofficially known as "random rostering". As a result, the crew hardly go out with their colleagues to have meals, drinks etc. let alone interact with one another.
  • As mentioned above, longer work hours and the shorter nightstops mean the crew would be tired and need rest instead of bonding with each other.
  • Most male crew are afraid to mix with their female colleagues as they may be reported for sexual harassment and molest.
Well if anyone has more to add please use the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

Uncle. OTOT better. No need to hear the old and senior people from talking about YESTERDAY. No need to please them on the food they decide to eat and we have no choice but to follow and then pay the same.

Anonymous said...

Dumb question but I answer.Certainly bonded to IFA for managler,to offset their miserable jobs being overseas and consider low ses category.Cannot and will not be MP material,wont even be door opener,not half mil how to face people who commands $mil and not rupee nor rupiah ?Second bond be to the bar and hit the bottle kind of bond.Third kind cannot break bond due to bills and loans.Cannot step down from the back of the tiger.Last kind is the power bond to use and abuse crew on the junior.Approve by CC and to control the juniors.Need Mission Impossible to be save from such bonds,fallout be great.

Sah-Kah failure said...

I followed a senior CS all over Rome just to
look for chinese food... back when the Italians used the Lira.

And it must have fish on the menu
And it must be a certain price range

We walked almost 4km all over Rome in August summer heat.
I was a fool... but then again I believed he was a nice person...
till I had to roam with an empty stomach, passing by nice pizza stands,
restaurants with spaghetti, calamari, summer vegetables...

He played an elitist game called tennis just like now days people play golf.