Monday, August 27, 2018

Secured door opened from exterior

A stewardess was sleeping in her hotel room with the door locked and security latch on. She was woken up when a man successfully opened her door from the outside. She screamed and the man fled.
The above video was a demo carried out by her and the crew after the ordeal to show the vulnerability of a so-called secured room.
The incident happened at a European hotel 2 days ago.


Anonymous said...

She must be traumatized. Girls pls put chairs or something heavy behind
the doors to prevent the weirdos from opening. Stay safe ok!

Anonymous said...

Heavy things may impeded evacuation so don't do it in case of fire or other emergencies.

Blue Robin said...

Wear a chasity belt.
Give the key to your best friend... like, your brother.

Jacko said...

Modern day Ripper!

Anonymous said...

should have reported the intruder to CC manager.
sure will kena DI and get the sack.
CC managers are similar to St Michael.