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Sunday, August 5, 2018

She's fired !

The stewardess who used profanities and vulgarities in her Facebook against the management staff has been sacked last week!
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Anonymous said...

It is MOT that she will be sacked! Foul and CB mouth does
not deserves to be an FA!

Anonymous said...

Truly I agrees.But which come first.Toxic working environtment,blameworthy every actions with stifling SOP done up by Gayee and Lassie without thoughtfull realism,what do one expect in such company?For eg,one IFM claims to force the FA to crawl if need be to serve pax,another never take MC to 30 years and kidless.Will such thinking it drives such FA to split personality and more.Free spirits people will not be able to take such atitude to exist in such mentally challenging orgs if not for the money and pain.Go in with eyes wide open,its not rose tinted glasses at all.