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Saturday, August 18, 2018

South Africa, a dangerous place

South Africa is a dangerous place that I wouldn't want to visit again. The crew stops for a few nights in Johannesburg (JNB) and recently one infight manager (ifm) and a leading steward (ls)was robbed at gunpoint in the vicinity of the hotel they were staying. The ifm's watch was taken and a bullet was discharged from the robber's gun, wounding the ls's leg.
Two crew and their families immigrated to SA many years ago. One was robbed at their home in JNB and almost killed. After the incident, the 2 families quickly returned to Singapore.
I've heard of people being robbed off their pants and left with only their underwear. Rape is also a daily occurrence.
What the hotel can do is to provide armed security guards to escort the crew to the shopping areas and back.
In the 1990s, while night stopping in JNB, I took a bus and traveled to Sun City, a beautiful resort in SA. It was a 3 hour ride covering 165 km, not knowing the danger. It was during the Apartheid days when crime was less prevalent but nevertheless unsafe too.
I hope nothing untoward will happen to the crew again.

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Ah said...

I remembered a South African Capt (B747)who retired in the early 90s and returned to his homeland in 1995.
6 months later he was shot dead in his porch during a botched robbery.
The ride from our hotel to the airport takes about an hour and during this time, I cannot help but notice something that is stark and disturbing.

There were no white or asian people walking on the roads. All were blacks.