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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Article by an ex SQ stewardess

What made me reminisce so much was a recent trip to Paris, where I stayed with a crew friend at the hotel. That evening, I went out to to tahpow dinner for us at the Thai Crew Joint down the road from the hotel. The moment I stepped in, all the crew turned and nodded, as if acknowledging me to be one of them. One crew asked if I just arrived this morning. I was pleasantly surprised. I left SQ about 7 years ago, and it felt nice to know I still have the "crew look/vibe".  Went out with the crew for Brunch and then the Paris flea markets the next day and it felt like I never left the airline.

I'm back in Copenhagen, where I live and last night I dreamt of operating on a flight, with an expired 777 license, and I forgot to wear my name tag. Weirdly, I continue to have these airline dreams/nightmares sometimes...and I flew only 3 and a half years (May 2004 - Sep 2007).

Every time I see any SQ girl, I feel like I was back before my flying days, wishing I was one of them. It took me 3 tries to get in. It felt surreal that I was ever once donning the kebaya. Anyhow, when I did get in, I was also pleasantly surprised to get the Best Trainee Award. I was the only Malay girl in the entire batch. Thee was also another lone Indian girl in our batch. So it really annoyed me when I hear talk of Malay crew saying that they are marginalized etc, because of their ethnicity. When I was flying, I received good appraisal reports (at first), and was consistently top 10%. I was also the first batch to be trained for the A380. I went for training, but never operated as I left abruptly to get married.

Just wanted to share this little bit, because I always am reading about or hear my ex-colleagues talking about crew who are always getting used, and swindled. Like getting into extra-marital affairs, have their bfs sponging off them etc. Even though I'm not a Jamie Chua/Cuaca fairytale story, I am very thankful for my time in SQ.

Ok, enough about me...back to more stories from you.

Thank so very much!


Anonymous said...

Pursued your happiness just like Nike.Destroy all for your dreams which is good.Wish you the best when there is true love.Many will envy you.

Anonymous said...

Marriage saved you from the clutches of an unforgiving employer,
who works you to the bone.And then discard you like a used soiled tissue.
You very fortunate to have left. Go find out the rosters that crew are being
given now days. I dont think many will have memories like yours. More like

Anonymous said...

Walking down the aero bridge towards the aircraft door, SQ crew instantly knew I had arrived!