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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The beauties and F1 in SG


Anonymous said...

The 3 guys in the above picture are very handsome. Hope they are all straight,single and Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

When started pre MSA before split,muh like that and dashing.Now pioneer and decades later look like Ah Pek below.Those who done evil and bad karma no picture no show.Should follow CRA and get some new wealth or new moneyed unmarried scions waiting for love.S S M cant say but Van Houten married some rich ended up in Vancouver and nice story.The other marry sugar king yet another indon rich. Rest FSS die awaiting for happy ending swept to NY lifestyle or die waiting like recent two cases.Hard truth.Dreams of chijmes for matrimoney gone nor infinity parties in MBS.SinCity a place where some dream comes true,with Airlines to match and no 1 in most areas like Casablanca.Play it again Samm.

Anonymous said...

They are all straight but not from MY