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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Demise of chief stewardess

Css Tay Lay Hoong passed away peacefully in her sleep yesterday. May she RIP.


Anonymous said...

Overworked again?
Time to stir some shit by using this as an example to get more pay, less work again?

Ah said...

May she RIP. Poor girl must be working very hard 3 days flt with 1 day off in between and being made to do training or attend course on her off days as stipulated by her inhumane SVP.

Anonymous said...

What???? Another Vanessa case of dying in the sleep?

Anonymous said...

Ok! Wef sept 18 (after ghost mth), all crew will work 1 day, off 3 days. No more courses or cca. Every mth also get 2k extra to buy supplements and tonics!