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Friday, September 7, 2018

Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew interview

Despite news of the death of 2 senior stewardesses recently, my bet is there will be long queues tomorrow at the Singapore Airlines cabin crew walk-in interviews in Petaling Jaya (Malaysia) and Singapore.
The wannabes do not really care about the health hazards of flying. They are still young and in their late teens and early twenties. Those 2 who passed away were in their late thirties and had been on the job for almost 2 decades.
There are also many advantages of becoming a crew. First, it is the attractive salary. Second, the chance to visit many countries and be paid for it. Third, the shopping at overseas stations. Fourth, the opportunity to meet nice people. The list goes on....Btw the good news is SIA requires about 1,500 cabin crew for year 2019.
I wish those attending the interviews great success!

SIA's career website is here


Anonymous said...

What to do... Malaysian Chinese value money over their life. Heaven got online banking so they're not too worried about transferring their money to heaven when they die. No more GST either.

Anonymous said...

A Malaysian stewardess is paid about 15,000 Ringgit a month so many
won't hesitate to join SQ regardless of health risks.

Anonymous said...

If they lower the selection criteria and up the training standards
there will be a flood of wannabes... with even static pay and higher bond.
I am just curious how long can the brand continue in attracting anyone for any post ?
Amazing marketing.

Anonymous said...

There will always be wannabes.Wide eyed youngsters who think that it is still glamourous and easy job and of course a cheap way to see the world.But once they start flying..reality steps in.Within 2-3 years they are sick of it.Some cant even last that long.Thats why SQ has to recruit so often...practically every 2 months.