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Friday, September 28, 2018

The alleged gold smuggling case in India

In January this year, an ifm was arrested for allegedly bringing almost a kilogram of gold into India without declaring it to the custom. He was detained for a few months but was released without being charged. He flew for a while and was subjected to a company's disciplinary inquiry today. The company offered him to resign but instead he asked for a demotion.Guess what? the end the company sacked him!

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the policies within CC is to remove
all tainted goods. If it was another division, the outcome
could be different.
The management has taken the policy overboard.
The Union is just a picture to decorate.
There is not a single manager, executive that has
half a brain to resolve such "disciplinary" issue.

Why spend so much time, effort and money in attending
Human Resource seminars, or reading HR articles when
the final solution is termination.

There can be no improvement in HR practices if there
is no serious attempt to resolve disciplinary issues in
a more holistic and thoughtful way.

Look at the Singhealth COI that is progress.
The CEO, has the same practice: Sack the employee.

Root cause is not established.
Yet it is simplistic to just attribute it to character flaws.
Every disciplinary lapse is addressed as such.
It is never a system, administrative, policy failure or flaw.
Management is never ever wrong, mightier than anything, anyone.

Smart nation but low level, lazy brain.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with the above comment. In 2003, the Check Trainers (CCE CTs) were removed because they did not see eye to eye with the then new SVPCC. They did not know how to carry his balls so to speak. He hated them for challenging his policies. To shorten the story, the opportunity came when SARS struck. All were removed and the excuse was the airlines was losing money and the CTs had to go. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

CC management including that Sexi sucks!

Anonymous said...

Yes.No job security.Named Manager but actual treated like disposables.Probably Sexi decided but what one expect ?Sacrifice for Manager from AM.Hard Truth.

Anonymous said...

He subscribes to this:


The job is to make every customer happy.
Does it mean that to be a leader, make your colleagues unhappy?
Operational front line crew must be schizophrenic..

That explains the current standards.

Tan ah teck said...

It’s Steve job say one hor...please don’t anyhow say it’s me. I got to impress my bosses so kpi will break all limits and I get my third term ok