Monday, September 17, 2018

The DAMP test

The pilot that failed the DAMP test at Melbourne and not allowed to fly to Wellington was, in my opinion, had some traces of alcohol in his breath (assuming it was not drug related). Pilots and cabin crew are not allowed to consume alcohol at least 10 hours before flight duty. Could it be the said pilot drank alcohol just before the dateline of 10 hours and due to biological dysfunction it could not be processed efficiently resulting in failing the DAMP test? Well we will have to wait for the result of the investigation.
A point to note is that it takes about 3/4 of a million dollars to train a captain. Therefore, the airlines will be very thorough in its investigation before jumping to any conclusion.


Anonymous said...

What will happened to the cabin crew if are found to be drinking
on duty?

Anonymous said...

Cabin crew? SQ will sack them without batting an eyelid!

Anonymous said...

It take about 20k to train a cc but 500k to train a pilot.

Anonymous said...

Pilots are like your school days... the best class.
Lots of privileges, benefits and most of all... protection.

In cabin crew the view is:

" Why must I keep this person in the company?"

In Flight Ops the view is:

" What can I do to save this person?"

Notice the attitude taken?
The larger the numbers, the less value... like shit
The smaller the numbers, the greater the value... like gold

The moral of the story is.....

Tan Pee ter said...

If a former xxx toon early retirement for abusing his airport pass,what makes this driver any less forgivable for his actions?

Anonymous said...

Bringing disrepute to the airline.Others have picked up on this story.