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Monday, September 3, 2018

Two died in their sleep

It's sad to see SIA losing 2 Malaysian senior stewardesses recently. Early this year, it was leading stewardess Vannesa Yeap who died in her sleep in SFO. Last Friday, chief stewardess Tay Lay Hoong also died in her sleep in her apartment in Singapore. Each had put in 16 to 20 years of service as cabin crew.
People asked me why these relatively young ladies died in their sleep? Were they sick? Was it due to flying etc etc?
Wish I know the answers. My take is that flying as a crew is very demanding on  the health. The cabin crew are literary on their feet throughout the flight working as long as 10 to 12 hours on most flights. Some flights are even longer like the SIN/SFO vv flights whereby the crew are stretched to the limit (average of 20 hours duty time). It is more tiring if one flies through different time zones. Night flights are worse.
I flew for 35 years and I find it hard to cope with sleep during my off-days. I used to take sleeping pills to get decent sleep during night-stops and at home.
Fortunately for me, I was a crew for the first 7 years and became a checker/trainer for the next 28 years. As a checker/trainer, I flew half of my working life i.e. 14 years. I spent the other 14 years working in the office. The total number of my flying years are about 21.
For the senior crew like the inflight managers and chief stewards/stewardesses, they would clock about 20 to 30 years of active flying. Some died or succumbed to diseases like cancer, Parkinson, strokes etc etc.


Anonymous said...

Malaysians getting overworked by their Singaporean employer. In an ultra competitive environment it's hard to live long,especially if you're a foreign worker because if you don't work harder than locals, there will criticism from them.

Health should come first. Earthly wealth accumulation is pointless. She didn't live long to enjoy money made from working in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The rot normally starts from the top. In their own selfish pursuit of their precious KPI,these monsters at the top of the food chain comes out with higher productivity initiatives to increase their blood-bonuses from the workers.
They don't treasure their hardworking subordinates and everything these slave drivers say and do are all superficial and pretentious.

Anonymous said...

7 years and became IA?!

in this age 7 years you can’t even get promoted to leading from normal steward/stewardess rank lol, those klkkzbl ranking crew who are still flying should shut up and work more in flight

Anonymous said...

Obvious what the problems come from.High standard or something else.All try to attend the highest which is IFM.To impress the board,volumteer off daya etc.Then can get notice to the next level.Current AM etc dont get there except by getting married to the job.Good for Gayee and Lassie and those hoping for Nic Young or Sugar King are too late.Sacrifice all and get promo or die waiting or trying.That is what is happening.

Anonymous said...

It is impressive that this employer is able to retain
workers at all levels despite the negative culture in
the work environment. Human Resource management is very, very good.