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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Comments anyone?

I used to work as a crew.
I have encountered many retired crew ( male & female ) and
it seems that most do not have any interest to fly around the world
and spend vacations even in cities and countries that they used to
stop over.

Even with "free" tickets!

Can anyone shed light on this?
Is every retiree "tired" of flying?
No money? cannot be! many have spouses who are active economically. ( or kids )
No time? cant be either!

Or perhaps too lazy to DIY booking of hotels or they only want 5 star hotels?

Like to hear different views.!


Anonymous said...

Yup , Flying kills your interest to go oversea for holidays. You rather stay at home and relax.

Anonymous said...

I still enjoy traveling for work and pleasure. Sightseeing in the countryside/outskirt is fine, as are new experiences like cruise or hiking, esp with friends/family who couldn’t join me during flying days. Layover cities-not keen to repeat the same streets/shops/makan places since most don’t change as rapidly as Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Still love to travel after 30 years flying.
Route 66 USA
Yosemite ( YellowStone Park )
Northern Italy (Tuscany area, Florence, Dolomites )
Southern France ( Lourdes, Mirepoix, Nimes )
Spain ( Rhonda,Sevilla, The Alhambra )
China ( Xian, Xinjinag )

Mostly where SQ does not fly to.
There are many parts of the world beyond the realm of SQ.
Much more enjoyable too... self drive, train, bus... keeps the mind
agile and the body tuned. The experience of different foods and the quality
is higher on site and first hand!

Keep travelling !!