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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Contribution from a crew

We used to have a stewardess who was very notorious that bore the marks of a nymphomania always longing for more. She got married at an early age to a FS and on the outside, everything seemed so blissful. As time passed, it did not take long before she started showing that she was was missing out on something that seemed so crucial to her daily needs......ngare ngare kow.

She started her nocturnal pursuits for more and more different men, one after another with no signs of engaging her brakes.... Her husband, on the other hand, took swift evasive action by leaving Singapore and relocated to the US where he eventually became a very successful business icon in IT. He could have also become a professor.


Anonymous said...

Fake news. Y nimpeh nvr hear before. If got such nymph, nimpeh would have offered nimpehself to her long ago.

Anonymous said...

Nimpeh don't talk so big! In real life maybe you are an ah kuah haha

Anonymous said...

Most crew got high sex drive so the story is probably true.

Anonymous said...

This is a true story. The former CC, JJ achieved the impossible.